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Cleaning up excel sheet taking too long

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    Cleaning up excel sheet taking too long

    Hi All,

    I've got a massive excel sheet that I am trying to clean up by clearing out all rows that have a cell that contain either blank or a zero. I also need it to delete any row in that does not equal the number 3 in column "C".

    The sheet is about ~148,000 rows long and I have to do this with 60 different sheets.

    This is the code that I have written:
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    Now deleting the blank cells and the zeroes in columns "F" & "G" are no problem, it'll clear it up in a matter of seconds, but when it is trying to clean up column "C" it runs and runs and runs. Am I writing it incorrectly? Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

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    Re: Cleaning up excel sheet taking too long

    My VBA is weak at best, but could you not combine those with OR()?
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