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inventory reconciliation and storage calculation

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    inventory reconciliation and storage calculation

    Hello folks,

    I use multple vlookups and offsets formula to compare month beginning and month ending inventory to calculate activity for the month and then I have to calculate storage based on tiered pricing.
    while writing formulas and doing this manually has worked out great , I realize there are smarter ways to do this and Im hoping to get some help.

    I have 2 sheets uploaded ( beginning & ending)
    there are typically more SKU's at the ending of the month than beginning as new inventory is usually checked in.
    I have to find a way to merge both sheets by making sure no duplicates are creates and generating a beginning balance, ending balance and a column for activity.

    see attached example (activity template)
    anyway you can help me with a macro for this?

    My steps after I have the macro will be to do a vlookup by customer list to create pivot tables and then copy each of that into an individual invoice ( activity template) and then calculate storage ( which is tiered pricing) and charge them.

    with this macro you will be saving me about a days worth work.
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