I have a data validation list in a particular range of a worksheet which I am using at work. But, as it happens if someone copies and pastes values from other cells (within the same worksheet or other worksheets or other workbooks) the values in the data validation cells gets overwritten.

Now I have done quite a bit of research online, and it seems like MS has not addressed this issue till date. The best solution which I was able to find online was a VBA script which could help overwriting of data validation cells. The code is as follows:

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Though this code is helping with the above requirement, it is not a complete solution. Above code helps protect the copy-paste within the worksheet, but if you copy a cell from another worksheet or another workbook, the data validation cell gets overwritten.

Any expert out there who can solve this? I have spent hours online to find a solution but to no avail.

Help would be much appreciated!!