Hi everyone;

First off, I'm quite new to VBA and macros.

I'm working on a scheduling worksheet for pickleball tournaments in my community. Another member has created a set of fairly elegant sheets to create brackets for variable numbers of players and variable numbers of available courts. That part of our process works beautifully.

I'm hoping to then take the bracket schedules thus created and create individual player schedules for the tournament. That is, when a court is scheduled for a match of four players (our tournaments are virtually doubles format), the individual schedule for each player would be updated through VBA or through a command button macro.

I've posted two sample sheets, a 'Test Bracket Sheet' and a 'Test Player Schedule' to show what I'm working toward. I think(hope!) this can be a simple process, but it escapes me so far.

I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Test Bracket Sheet.xlsmTest Player Schedule.xlsm