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Help on VBA array!

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    Unhappy Help on VBA array!

    I have two sheets "main" and "import" sheets.
    Main sheet has all the program names and milestone start and end.
    Import sheet has the raw data in this format Import 2.xlsx.

    I need to take dates for some milestones with respect to the program name.
    Steps my code does
    1.First I am taking the entire import sheet as a array x.
    2.Then I am taking the unique program names from array x taking the unique value into array z.
    3.I need to get the best start(if approved is available means approved else planned) and best finish(same condition as best start)

    But I am stuck after this.
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    I have already posted this in

    If I should not post here means sorry.
    But a solution will do great help for me
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