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Macro trying to reference another workbook

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    Macro trying to reference another workbook

    I'm having a problem where, when I click a button an error message pops up that says "Sorry, we couldn't find 'H:\workbookname.xlsb', is it possible it was moved, renamed, or deleted?

    The only thing the button is supposed to do is fill a cell with the letter "P". up until yesterday, everything worked fine, and I don't know what changed.


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    Re: Macro trying to reference another workbook

    Hello SoothSailor,

    If you have already tried shutting Excel down and restarting the program with the same results then try defragmenting your registry. This is not the same as defragmenting the disk. There are special programs designed to do this. I do this at least once a week. Windows has never addressed it's memory management issues. Consequently, the more work you do, the more memory problems develop.
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