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Cursor Movement using Criteria

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    Cursor Movement using Criteria

    I found this code on the site that more or less does what I want.
    Rather than using the enter key to move cursor to next cell I want it to move based on a criteria for the data entered ie if cell is =>2 then move to next cell. If the value <1 then there would be a pop up message XXXXXX and would not move until cell update with new value that meets the 1st criteria. when say 9 cells have values entered in the row then the data is copied and pasted to sheet 2 row 1 as new dat added to sheet 1 this would need to have this row inserted for each time sheet 1 had data entered and the data in sheet 1 would be deleted making ready for next lot of data to be added etc, etc until finished the data entry

    Eg values entered in cells a1 TO a9

    data entered 2 (move), data entered 1 (popup) the value is updated to 10 (move), etc etc until A9 is reached then it is copied an pasted to sheet 2.

    VBA Code found I want to update according to above or have a totally new code that will work
    Thanks. I am just starting to use VBA and have little knowledge

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    Re: Cursor Movement based on the cells Criteria

    Your thread does not comply with Rule #3.
    Your VBA code should be placed between CODE TAG. See rules for details.
    Your thread can not be answered before you change this.
    Pierre Leclerc

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