Hello all,

I am building a tool to verify tag replacements and was curious about the usage of wildcards in the REPLACE function.

What I do is:
- Export tables from a variant array to a sheet
- Apply 'transitions' or replacements to the array

03LCV-500 --> 02LCV-100

- Compare to another array and check for differences, if found the cell on the sheet will be marked grey.

But the thing is.. There are lots of different characters, so my 'transition list' is as following
03LCV-500 --> 02LCV-100
03KTV-500 --> 02KTV-100
03JFK-500 --> 02JFK-100

Therefore I am curious about the usage of wildcards in this scenario.

I am using VBA and this is the code where I apply transitions. The transitions are listed in a excel sheet. (So two columns next to each other)

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How could I use wildcards in this code?

Thanks in advance,