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Sorting between tabs & retaining row integrity.

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    Sorting between tabs & retaining row integrity.

    I have a complicated question but I hope you have a 'simple' answer.

    I have a workbook.
    It has 3 tabs but there are 2 giving me problems.
    1st tab = ALL ISSUES and on it there are columns A - Q
    In the 1st tab, it lists defect information including defect number, category, issue state, priority, and various other data points.
    The 1st tab is the 'heart' of the spreadsheet with multiple teams reviewing, sorting, inputting, changing and adding new data.
    The data on the 1st tab is subject to filters, logic & manipulation. On the 1st tab, there is 1 column connected to the 3rd tab; PRIORITY is 'copied' from the 'SCORE' tab after the team scores the defect.

    The 2nd tab is used as a summary tab and it causes me no problems.

    3rd tab = SCORE and on it there are columns A - P.

    On the 3rd tab, there are columns connected to the 1st tab; specifically the ID #, the issue summary, the category.

    My problem is the fact that when I SORT the data on the 1st tab, the data on the 3rd tab does NOT retain row integrity. I am using a few functions on all of the tabs but specifically on the 3rd tab, I have a IF statement. In addition, I am looking VLOOKUP between the 2 tabs; tab 1 and tab 3.

    When the users score the defects on the third tab, it is used to prioritize the work from the 1st tab. I need the data on the 3rd tab to retain its row integrity. Without it, the scoring effort becomes wasted and the team has to do it again.

    A sample of the workbook will be attached for your review. I want to submit the ticket and then I will add the workbook. I am unable to do it at this time and don't want to lose the thread.

    If I need to include the actual IF and VLOOKUP statements here, I can also do so.
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