I have a bit of Excel skills, but seem to have gotten stuck on this one...

I have an excel file that is used to register contact moments with stakeholders. This contains two sheets:
  1. Contact Database
  2. Contact moments

The idea is that in the table on the database sheet all contact details can be entered. Then once somebody has contact with a stakeholder, on the other sheet they make a new entry in the table, select the stakeholder, the date and some notes.

Now back to the first sheet: here I have a column that should show the most recent date that there was contact with this stakeholder. So let's say we have John Doe, I want Excel to go and look at the other sheet, find all rows that contain "John Doe" in the Name column and then look at the Date column in this array and spit out the most recent in a field on the contact database.

I know how to have Excel look, find John Doe, but I am stuck at having excel look at multiple entries and select the most recent one...