I am performing a couple of simple API calls. Relevant info:

1. These same calls worked yesterday on my work machine many times, but I did get the same error a couple of times early in the day
2. Today When I run the code I get 'Runtime error' 2147024891(80070005)
I looked up the error code which didn't help me much. I did try updating to the current XML service pack.
3. I sent the workbook to another computer running Excel 2013 and the calls execute correctly.
4. I am very, very new to VBA. I didn't even know Excel was capable of API calls until a couple of days ago.
5. I have very limited control over my work machine/security/network
6. I have confirmed that the variable 'ticketURL' is correct and when run through the browser returns the correct data
7. I suspect that there may have been an update to the network that is blocking the call, but don't know what to do now

The Code (I know it doesn't have error checking yet, I'll get there)
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I appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may have for workarounds on this issue. Thanks in advance for your time and effort!