Good Morning all,

I am trying to write a macro that combines all the tabs labelled "Summation" into a single workbook. I've already written a macro that will do all the work once I've combined all the necessary files. I have included the code I have to combine the workbooks together but it doesn't work. When ran w/o on error resume next, it freezes at xxxx, so I tried putting in on error resume next and now excel just freezes when I run the macro. The macro freezes at line
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with "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range"

The macro asks for the path, i.e. C:\Users\ISUser\Desktop\Budget and the file structure is pretty much asking if there is a name for the file it should be looking for. For the purpose of this, I've been using * since every file in the folder needs to be merged together.

The only tab that is in the sheet I am trying to run this macro in is "SumMaster" which also has a macro that will loop through all the tabs and automatically fill in the SumMaster. The reason I need to have a macro and can't do it manually is because there is roughly 200 folders I need to do it too and will have to be repeated year after year.

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