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VBA Macro or Excel Function to recognise "NOUN" on a Col of data ?

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    VBA Macro or Excel Function to recognise "NOUN" on a Col of data ?

    I want to identify Prod Names ie Nouns from a list on Col A of my Workbook. Below is screenshot showing Col A (un-editied DATA) & Col B (Noun), which I have manually identified using human judgement.


    Is it possible to use a VBA Macro or Excel Function to facilitate this ? The final output should not be more than 15 Chars.

    Attached is also the Sample Worksheet.

    The Final output does'nt have to be 100% perfect but close match.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: VBA Macro or Excel Function to recognise "NOUN" on a Col of data ?


    Excel has no idea whether a string of characters contains a noun, and in passing even if it had wouldn't the word Carnauba in Carnauba Wax be an adjective

    What you're asking is for column B to recognise some characters which you as a human being know to be a noun. For Excel to do this you need to give it some rules.

    One such rule might be return the characters before the first digit so that for instance with Carburettor Cleaner 450ML American Dolphin the function
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    would return Carburettor Cleaner, but with Dashboard Wax Spray 450ML it wouldn't return Wax Spray but DashBoard Wax Spray. And arguably that would be correct since dashboard is a noun.

    So you need to be able to specify a list of rules before you can get anywhere near with this request.
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    Re: VBA Macro or Excel Function to recognise "NOUN" on a Col of data ?

    One way but not a 100% is to do a google search for List of Nouns. Put the Noun list into an excel sheet. Then with Scripting.Dictionary
    you can load all the nouns to Scripting.Dictionary And test if any of the sentence is in Scripting.Dictionary

    Just a thought
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