Hello everyone,
two weeks ago I had my first try in this forum and it worked out really well. I hope that I'll improve my thread style this time
and maybe get another good result

The Problem: I got a table1 with Names (PersonCode) in column A. These persons have been asked what they've eaten today (energy, protein, carbohydrates). Some of them had 2,3 or 4 meals a day. I want to get their daily intake and therefor add the different meals for each person. The result should be as in table2: The name of the person in column A and the sum of all Energy intake of that day in Column C. (and so on).
This an example workbook. the real one has 2700 persons and 20 values to sum up.

Attachment 424539

Is there any way of calculating this automatically ? I was thinking about choosing one personcode via autofilter, than calculating the sum of VISABLE results e.g. in column B, C, ... . And then choosing the next personCode in the autofilter automatically.

I'd be really grateful for any kind of help,
many thanks in advance,