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parse public variables

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    parse public variables

    I have following code in which I state public variables and then I apply function on these variables. The function searches sheet for string and returns the column number where the string is found.

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    Is it possible to apply function searchC on all public variables or some group of public variables at once without so many lines? The names of public variables can't be generated by loop. The names are just random names without common root. Names ab1...ab100 are in code just for illustration.

    Also I don't know if it is correct way of doing the thing I want to do. The purpose of this code is mark data in columns with string which is easily remembered. Then in my code I can reference to this column by short string without the need to remember or check in which column number the data are. Maybe there is a better way for doing this.
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    Re: parse public variables

    How about not using public variables, but public names (named ranges)? then you could do tricks like assigning values to any name (there are limits for manes so abc1 would be invalid but _abc1 would be fine.
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