On one sheet I have a calendar that I want to have the title show in the cell that reflects the date of training. I would like the data for this to come from a range of other sheets (each sheet displays the information about each training session, which can increase in the number of sheets, depending on the amount of training sessions)

In the information sheet I have a cell that selects a date through a date picker and a cell that has the name of the session. I would like to have it that when I select a date in the information sheet that the name of the session populates the calendar sheet on the relevant date. I also want to then set the Title of the training in the calendar up as a hyperlink back to that sheet, which I can do manually but if anyone can suggest a better way then I am all ears. The information sheets are important so that supervisors can gain an understanding of the training and decide if their staff should be involved in that particular course. I can send you a sample of spreadsheet as it is so far if that would assist.

If anyone can assist with this I would really appreciate it. I work for a charity and this is the last issue I need to resolve before the training calendar can go live.''Cheers