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Copying Rows Based On Inputted Responses

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    Copying Rows Based On Inputted Responses

    Hi, first time poster.

    I am using Excel for Mac 2011.

    I carry out electrical safety tests have a summer worksheet where I record the items I've test and whether they've passed or failed the test. I currently just filter the passes and fails and copy them into different worksheets so that I can produce the required reports. This was fine while I was only doing a few, but I am not doing hundreds and this copy and pasting and manipulating is time consuming (not all of the data from the first worksheet needs to be copied).

    My summary workbook has 10 columns, with one of them being Pass/Fail (a drop down box in column I). If an item passes, I would like some of the information to be copied to the pass worksheet and the same for the fails. My data entry starts at row 4 and I have formatted down to row 500 (for the drop down menus etc).

    I understand that a solution could be possible using Macro, but I am not overly confident in using these, and I think doing it on a Mac complicates things further.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I could format this?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Copying Rows Based On Inputted Responses

    Have you looked at AutoFilter?
    If you filter column I on PASS, select everything that you see and paste it to the PassSheet, only the Pass rows will be copied.

    Macros work fine on a Mac. That's what I use.
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