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Loop through Pivot Table Filter field from a List and create pdf

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    Loop through Pivot Table Filter field from a List and create pdf

    Hi Folks

    Below is the URL Link for the sample file . Looking for a VBA solution to filter the Pivot Filter field from a list and then create a pdf file.
    In the attached file , I have a ProductList holding values A , B & C. I need pivot table to refresh for each corresponding values from the list and then generate a pdf file. If there is no data for a specific product Say C in my sample data, I want the sub routine to omit completely without creating any blank pdf.

    Appreciate any help.


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    Re: Loop through Pivot Table Filter field from a List and create pdf

    Hi Mysore

    Excuse my lack of understanding of pivot table terminology, but when you say 'filter the pivot filter field from a list' are you referring to the output which appears in a new tab each time you double click on a value in the data area of the table?

    Whilst I use pivot tables I just do it without knowing all the correct terminology, so I'll need to understand perfectly if I'm going to help with this.

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