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Want to filter in column using date in cell

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    Want to filter in column using date in cell

    I attached herewith Sample Excel File
    Which contain Data and pivot table
    in pivot table in E column there is DUE DATE column
    I want to filter that column as per my date i.e i want to see the data only between 01-07-14 to 01-03-15
    so when i type start date in E2 and End date in E3 it will get filter
    please provide formula for that
    if not formula then please proice the VBA code for Developer-Insert-Text Box(Active x Control)
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    Re: Want to filter in column using date in cell

    User a helper column in your source data with the formula: =AND(L2>=PIVOT!$E$2,L2<=PIVOT!$E$3) and copy it down. Extend the pivot table source data to include this column and then use this column as a report filter.
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