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VBA to create absolute hyperlink

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    VBA to create absolute hyperlink

    Hi everybody,

    I am an intern working on an excel reference page for my coworkers that lets them reference drawings. These drawings are hyperlinks. My issue is that I need these drawings (and their corresponding info) in their own Excel sheet as a separate file and these files are then copied directly to a master reference page I am working on. Since, I am copying them, I need these hyperlinks to be absolute so I do not lose the path when copying. I have used the "=hyperlink" and typed in my URL and that works perfectly. The issue is I am leaving this program with less computer savvy coworkers that would not understand the hyperlink function. Is there anyway to create a VBA/button that opens up a dialog box and lets them choose their file and it posts the ABSOLUTE hyperlink? All of these hyperlinks will be in column J. I have used "Application.Dialogs(xlDialogInsertHyperlink).Show" but that only creates the relative. Thank you!

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    Re: VBA to create absolute hyperlink

    Here's a link to a blog that offers a tip on how to force the Insert Hyperlinks dialog make absolute links. I haven't tried this myself, but it sounds interesting. Report back if it worked for you.
    Excel Hyperlinks -- Relative vs. Absolute Path

    Alternatively, this example code will prompt the user for a file and insert the selected path in a =HYPERLINK formula.

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