I need to set the values of all of the named ranges in a workbook to the values of named ranges with identical names in a separate workbook. I'm not great (see bad) with VBA so any help is greatly appreciated.

Here's what I'm actually trying to achieve (from thread "Template Solution Needed") in case this solution is stupid to begin with:

At work I use excel to create a client profile document that gets printed before client meetings. After the meeting, an admin will enter that data back into the Excel file from handwritten notes. There is an individual file for each client, which poses problems because sometimes the format of this document needs to be updated. When this happens, we have to reenter all the info on the newly formatted spreadsheet. What is the best solution so that we can enter new info on the spreadsheet, and when we update the format that info doesn't need to be reentered?

I considered entering all the data on a separate worksheet and filling the formatted template from that, but I think it would be difficult and time consuming for the admins who enter the data to identify where stuff goes. So ideally, the data would be entered in the formatted cells.

Another solution I considered was to use named ranges for each piece of info, then when the template changes use a macro to move all values in named ranges to another workbook, then populate the new template based on info in that workbook...but alas...I'm not that good with VBA.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, even if it's advice on how to do this without Excel.