Hello everyone,

I have an excel data sheet which contains the following information:
-Unique container number

Now the problem is that the ETA may change.
The Unique container number not.
http://www.track-trace.com/ is our used tracking site, which directs you to the shippers their website with the container information and ETA displayed. This basically means that it sends the required information to their website and then displays the desired page/information. Correct me if i'm wrong. If i wanted to use the http://www.track-trace.com/ as my data source it may not work because of the different shipper websites it redirects to.
So i have thought of another solution which is using the http://www.track-trace.com/ to FIND the shipper website, make different queries for each shipper. Or i could just enter the shipper manually, then make logic statements.

But i am pretty much new to excel, java and all this stuff.
Where can i learn the correct skills to pull this off?
If anyone could give me a direction that would be great, even better would be if anyone could reply some examples or something it would look like.

Ciano Huang