I am able to navigate to my webpage, log in and select the report to run all in vba. Then there is a javascript dropdown menu, that allows me to pick print or export and then on export i can export to excel. I am not able to figure out how to get this to activate. here is a snippet of the code from the website.

<?xml:namespace prefix = "ie" /><ie:menuitem id=m_sqlRsWebPart_RSWebPartToolbar_ctl00_RptControls_RSActionMenu_EXCELOPENXML type="option" text="Excel" onMenuClick='$find("m_sqlRsWebPart_ctl00_ReportViewer").exportReport("EXCELOPENXML");' callbackitem="true" enabled="true" menuGroupId="2147483647" checked="false" onMenuClick_Original='$find("m_sqlRsWebPart_ctl00_ReportViewer").exportReport("EXCELOPENXML");' text_Original="Excel"></ie:menuitem>

anyone able to help me with this?