Hello all,

I have been tirelessly searching for a solution to my problem but have not found anything helpful!! So I hope someone on here can help my specific situation... Thanks in advance!

So, I have a barcode scanner that stores inventory in its internal memory as a text file. Through the use of Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 I am able to, on my PC, navigate through the scanners folders and open up that text file to see what items I scanned.

I am writing an excel macro that will open up that text file, read each line of inventory, and then do other things with it. I have been successful thus far if I copy that text file on the scanner into some places like 'My Documents'. However, I want to make it easy and be able to open up that text file directly from the scanner.

My problem is with referencing the path to the scanner. Because it is a portable device, it does not have a drive like C: or something. Instead the path looks like 'Computer\MT2070-ML416147\Application\Inventory\export.txt'. However when I try to open that path for input I get an error saying "Path not found".

If anyone can assist I would be very appreciative!! If anyone requires code snippets of what I have, please let me know.