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Automate report using 3rd Party addin

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    Automate report using 3rd Party addin


    I've half automated a report using VBA but the issue i have is the remaining part of the process using a 3rd party add-in which is locked down.

    Is there a way i can refer to this or use a tool which captures my key / mouse strokes to help fully automate the process?



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    Re: Automate report using 3rd Party addin

    Perhaps, in excel select the "Home" tab then press the Alt button. Will now get a number of letters F, H, N, P, M, A, R, W and L

    These are the tabs you can activate using the "SendKey" in a macro, but I'm sorry to say "SendKey" is not 100 % reliable.

    To get to the sub menu for formulas start by pressing Alt button, the letter for formulas is M so pressing the Alt button and then M will open the sub menu for formulas where you can work your way down by pressing Alt + the appropriate letter.

    So does your 3de party add-in have a specific letter assigned to it? If so you could try to activate it with "SendKey"

    A macro for activating the formula tab would look like this:

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    For lower level commands you need to add more "SendKeys" with appropriate letters.

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