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# Copy 3 top number vba #

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    # Copy 3 top number vba #

    in a1= student name,b1= student scor
    a2:a100.value = jack2..until jack100 ,in b2:b100.value = 100,80,90 ....until range(b100)
    i want copy by criteria in col B 3 top skor (first scor,second scor,third scor) to column(d)..it is posible if use vba array
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    how to apply worksheetFunction.large to array
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    Re: # Copy 3 top number vba #

    WorksheetFunction.Large only works the way it does on the worksheet, so the first parameter must be an object range. Since you only need 3 numbers, you can use VBA to run the LARGE function to do it only 3 short steps, but not with an array. You'd still be using a range.

    To use an array at all seems totally unnecessary in this scenario.
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