Hi all, I am trying to read/write from a COM port and everything I have found on the internet just doesn't work. Various ones throw errors and others just run and run without providing anything meaningful.

Is there any chance someone would be able to show me a few lines of code to do the following: (i have a keypad terminal that I am using)

a) open COM port 5, 9600, 7, None, One, None
b) I press 1 on my keypad so I would like 1 to appear on some cell in my spreadsheet
c) I would like it to then output to the keypad screen something like "received key-press"

If someone could do that for me I would be very grateful. I know there are versions where you have to enable an ActiveX component in VBA but if its possible to do it without that (just for keeping things as simple as possible).

Thanks in advance.