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Inventory List Running with Bar Codes

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    Post Inventory List Running with Bar Codes

    So heres the goal:

    I am trying to design a spreadsheet for our store room inventory.

    I work in an IT department, so we have hundreds of various parts and pieces that we store, from printers to boxes of cable to small ethernet jacks.

    My thought is to make a barcode for each type of item (I can't just scan the barcode because some things are the same product with a different manufacture) and then scan in the quantities for each.

    Once I have my inventory count i was going to make three barcodes, one for adding, subtracting, and loaning, and set them to remove or add stock as i scan.

    Then to keep the inventory numbers correct you would simply scan the item, then scan corresponding barcode for what you are doing with the product.

    Is this possible? If so what do i need to do to create barcodes in excel tied to each product, create stock removal/addition barcodes, and program the spreadsheet to do what i need.

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    Re: Inventory List Running with Bar Codes

    Hi Reid,

    I am also in IT. I found it necessary to write programs based on creating and reading barcodes for many essential uses: Inventory, Omnicell stock replacement, eMAR, Meaninful Use, so on and so on...

    Attached is a program I wrote to create linear barcodes by entering an 11 digit arbitrary number. A 12th number is generated as a check sum. From the program, I print to a label sheet and apply them to what ever I am tracking.

    On the tracking side, you can scan directly into an Excel cell since the scanner is perceived as a keyboard. Important to know is that when you scan a barcode and it is placed in a cell, the digits are not all placed into the cell simultaneously. They are inputted one at a time as if they were being typed but rather quickly. The problem is that you cannot generate an event when scanning into a cell, therefore, I always scan into a textbox on a form which has a key_up event. As each number is being entered by the scan into the textbox, the key-up event is firing. Code is place in the event to count the characters. When the count reaches 12, the code initiates some action such as increment an inventory count or perhaps, tracking the administration of a medication.

    Use the barcode generator to make a barcodes from a list of arbitrary numbers you choose to use. I often use them as asset tags for tracking deployed equipment. Once you have your barcodes made (they are saved as a .bmp, build your inventory spreadsheet that takes a scanned input into a textbox on the form. Note: There is a fairly descent default Excel inventory template that can easily be adapted. Using the Key-up event, loop with each input to 12 then output the number to your spreadsheet for tracking.


    To use the Barcode Generator:
    1. Click the "Clear BC" button to clear previous barcode and number
    2. Type in the 11 digit number. Ther 12th checksum will automatically be generated
    3. Click the "Create BC" button to generate a barcode based on the number you entered
    4. If the barcode looks good, click the "Accept" button
    5. The barcode number will be placed in column Z and the Barcode in Column AA
    6. You will be presented with a message box indicating that the barcode was saved as a .bmp and the path which will be the same path that the workbook is located.
    7. Enter a name and description for each barcode.
    8. The next barcode will automatically move to the next line

    The process works great and I have shared this with many in another forum. Let me know if you need any help

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