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Creating the same graphs from several different data sources

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    Question Creating the same graphs from several different data sources

    This is my very first post, so I apologize if its not descriptive enough or in the wrong thread.

    I have a task that requires me to generate the same set of graphics (about 14) for roughly 8 different sets of data. The data sets are in almost identical formats, but require some data transformations prior to creating the graphics.

    Firstly, Im looking to do this as efficiently as possible and Im wondering if this process would best be completed through Macros, or a combination of different techniques (i.e., templates, manual data cleaning, and manual copy-pasting the data, using an offset command, recording macros). What would you all suggest?

    Secondly, I have almost no knowledge of macros so any help there would be great.

    To reiterate, Im curious on how best/ideal to go from data to graphics in a more automatic and efficient way.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Creating the same graphs from several different data sources

    Hmm, question is bit too generic to give you specific answer...
    However, as long as your raw data in flat table structure...

    I'd recommend leveraging PowerQuery and/or PowerPivot if you have access to it.
    It's specifically designed to merge and transform data sets from multiple sources.

    If above isn't an option for you. MS Query can serve as an alternative.

    Uploading sample data sets along with desired result should get you faster and better response from members.

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