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Conditional Formatting - Detecting dates among other data + boldface

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    Smile Conditional Formatting - Detecting dates among other data + boldface

    Hi all,

    I am brand new to VBA programming and I'm not finding a solution to my problem using just formulas (although if there is a way to do this, I think it would be preferred).

    I have a spreadsheet where I track appointments and I input the appointment title and date in BOLD once it is scheduled (e.g. "C1D22 6/20/17"). I use this to track data entry for a research study, so every patient has a series of appointments over time. These I add manually to my spreadsheet horizontally. Each patient is listed vertically in column G.

    What I want my spreadsheet to do is this:

    1. Detect when a cell to the right of G# meets these two conditions: is BOLDFACE *and* contains a date that is in the past.
    2. Any date in bold AND 1-8 days old, I want to turn ORANGE
    3. Any date in bold AND 9+ days old, I want to turn RED
    4. If I turn the cell any other color manually (like green or yellow) or if I remove the boldface, I want this to override the above rules.
    5. Finally, I want the cell in column G that contains patient initials to turn the corresponding color if ANY cells to the right contain the following (in this order):

    - IF any are RED, make initials RED
    - If no red but ORANGE, make initials ORANGE
    - IF no orange or red, but YELLOW (manually colored yellow), make initials Yellow.
    - IF no color or if only GREEN, make initials GREEN.

    Thank you for any help!


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    Re: Conditional Formatting - Detecting dates among other data + boldface

    You don't show initials in column G ?

    Attach a sample workbook. Make sure there is just enough data to demonstrate your need. Include a BEFORE sheet and an AFTER sheet in the workbook if needed to show the process you're trying to complete or automate. Make sure your desired results are shown, mock them up manually if necessary.

    Remember to desensitize the data.

    Click on GO ADVANCED and then scroll down to Manage Attachments to open the upload window.
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    Re: Conditional Formatting - Detecting dates among other data + boldface

    Have you tried doing this with Conditional Formatting?

    And perhaps post a sample to start with?

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