I am trying to write a macro that takes an image from Excel and inserts it into OneNote and runs the OCR. The purpose would be to speed up the general data-entry process by taking the results from OneNote's OCR and bringing them back into excel. I fully understand that OneNote's OCR is not 100% accurate; however, it would be faster to review and confirm that the text is correct, rather than manually enter the text myself.

I have looked around the internet for some help. Others have also had this idea and people have linked them to this as a place to get started:


My first problem is that I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to use from this code to get started. Also, I do not have the Microsoft OneNote 14.0 Object Library, I have 15.0; however, I'm not sure what this changes in the code and therefore the code doesn't run.

Another interesting idea was this link:


He "prints" the parts from excel to OneNote. Again, I'm not sure where to go from there in terms of grabbing the text from the image and bringing it back to excel.

If anyone could help me figure out where to get started I'd greatly appreciate it!