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VBA index, match, lookup or some combination of all?

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    VBA index, match, lookup or some combination of all?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a rather unique project for excel I am working on. I am not the strongest VBA user, but I know what I'm looking for is possible (I think), just not well versed enough to write it.

    For the sake of simplifying what I am looking for, i created an analogy and associated workbook. I have a group of several hundred people listed in a table. First Name, Last Name, Age, Height, a Position, a number in that position, an X coordinate, and a Y coordinate.
    ~Each row item is unique
    ~All footage is in Decimal Format
    ~All measurements can be / are to the nearest inch
    ~2 sheets - First is Table, second is ruler.

    We are taking a group picture, but each person has to stand in a particular spot. The ruler is a 150' x 3" piece of paper that will be laid out at each position. The persons find their name and stand on one side or the other.

    VBA Concept: For each Row in Table, where "position" value is equal to the value of Sheets("Ruler").range("d6") match the X position in the table to the nearest X position on the ruler. The closest possible match. Merge the adjacent 8cells with 3 cells above and bellow (Resulting in 8 merged cells of 7 cells each). If the Y value is positive, return the other values of the table (First name, last name, age, height, number) starting in the last cell and flip text UP, if negative, start in the last cell and flip text DOWN.

    I've attached a sample workbook. Let me know if any of this is making sense. This may very well not be the best way to do this, but It's the best I've been able to come up with so far, and your help is very much appreciated. I've been up all night, so I'm looking forward to a morning of fresh ideas.

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