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Scrollbar - Editable area

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    Unhappy Scrollbar - Editable area

    I have attached a simple excel.

    I have two scrollbars there - ScrollBar1 and Scrollbar2
    ScrollBar1 allows me to scroll left part of the table. The table is also editable - whatever I change changes even on the other List.

    Scrollbar2 allows me to move the right side of the table horizontally.

    1) I would like to extend functionality of ScrollBar1 to the other part of the table = it would scroll the columns on the left of it and even on the right side. Currently it only scrolls on the left of it.
    2) Is it possible to have the Scrollbar2 work as is, except not using OFFSET, but rather VBA as the first one, allowing for edditing of the cells?

    Basically what I am trying to achieve is having one table, where Scrollbar in the middle of it scrolls both areas Up and Down and second Scrollbar scrolls the right side of the table Left and Right, WHILE allowing for editing of the cells.

    Thank you for some ideas
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