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How does it work [custom Ribbon buttons specific to my file]

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    How does it work [custom Ribbon buttons specific to my file]


    I've got a spreadsheet file 1. There is a cell called File name and if I put a name of a file 2 (e.g. Financial Performance Report) and press the button on the panel called Longview Community of spreadsheet 1, then the data from Financial Performance Repot will populate automatically a Tab in spreadsheet 1 called Longview Community. Before that I need to make sure that the spreadsheet 1 and the file 2 saved in the same location.

    Please, anyone knows how does the automatic population work?

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    Re: How does it work

    First, welcome to the forum.

    There are a couple of issues with your question that you should be aware of. First, as a new member, please take the time to review our rules. There aren't many, and they are all important. Rule #1 requires good thread titles. Your title does not say anything about your specific question, or help us decide if we should open your thread. I have updated it for you since it's your first post.

    Second, a photo of your screen doesn't tell us anything about your problem in this case. Instead you should attach your Excel file. The paper clip icon does not work for attachments. Instead, under the text box where you type your reply click the Go Advanced button. On the next screen scroll down and click on Manage Attachments, which will show a pop-up window to Select and Upload a file. Then close the window.

    Now, as to your file, the buttons you are referring to (Longview Community, etc.) are custom buttons that are created by macros. So nobody here is going to have any idea how they work without seeing the macros. The answer might be in the code in your file, which we will see if attached as above.
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