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Excel data to separate csv files

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    Excel data to separate csv files

    Hello Experts,

    I have a excel sheet with 64k records i need to separate those datas into separate CSV files based on unique entries in certain column.

    For Example:

    In column H i have entries like

    Then i need entries of a in separate csv file, b entries in another csv file and c in another csv file.

    Note: need to copy data of row entries to csv files.

    Is there any macros or formula as we need this for daily work to separate the file to csv and import the data to the tool.

    Appreciate your help

    Thank You

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    Re: Excel data to separate csv files

    Hi Pratham

    Welcome to the Forum...
    This will give you an idea...save this file to your desktop
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    Good Luck
    I don't presume to know what I am doing, however, just like you, I too started somewhere...
    One-day, One-problem at a time!!!
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