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Looking for VBA to conditionally format Pivot Table under each Row Label

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    Looking for VBA to conditionally format Pivot Table under each Row Label

    Hello, I'm trying to use VBA to conditionally format a pivot table with multiple different Row Labels. Making the issue more complex is that the Pivot Table is created from another macro and often results in differing ranges so they can be dynamic and not always contain the same Row Labels. Using the macro recorder, I am able to get the conditional formatting recorded; however, I lack the knowledge to implement it on dynamic ranges rather than fixed ranges. If anybody could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Highlighting of the entire row or any other indication would work fine not just the time as shown in the example.



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    Re: Looking for VBA to conditionally format Pivot Table under each Row Label

    We are missing a piece here. How do we know which column contains the criteria? The row headers may change, but what about the column headers? A sample workbook would really help.
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