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Get desired text across filter limitation

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    Get desired text across filter limitation

    Please consider my attachment.

    I have a file with 20500 rows.Now I want search a word,e.g."Mirror".But through filter it is not possible to find all Mirror in one shot.The error is appearing that more than 10000 unique items.

    Is there any solution through Excel or in VBA world ?
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    Re: Get desired text across filter limitation

    You say "get" the text, do you mean to simply display the filtered result in place including all variations or is it ok to take the results and place them on another sheet?

    I am not 100% sure, but I think the 10k limit applies to autofilter only, not advanced filter, so you may want to try that.

    If autofilter cannot do it Then what I would do is load the range into an array or dictionary, loop the array (or column of the arrya) wildcarded for "mirror", and either strip out the non matching from via the loop or dump only the matching via the loop into either a new array and then a new range or straight to a new range
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