Hi all,

I am not very familiar how slicers interact with VBA, so I am hoping someone can help with this problem:
I have a number of picot tables updated by slicers, and I have written a loop that cycles through all slicer values on a given slicer and exports a sheet to a new file each time the loop completes.

However, I then added another action to the look. Basically, for each loop of the slicer, I want to select a specific value of another slicer (and only that one value). The value that needs to be selected is provided in a cell on another worksheet.

The initial loop worked fine - however, adding the second slicer increases run time to something unbearable (2 hours per loop), and Excel crashes frequently. I probably got something wrong with "For" "Next" or "End With" Statements - as I said, the macro tages ages to even complete a single loop (2 hours).

Here is my code:

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Any help is appreciated!