This is my first question to this wonderful community.

I am developing a macro (basically copy pasting it from various sources) which will enable us to autofilter in loop various stacks of data in excel. Paste the visible cells in outlook email body, add a before and after text and then send it across. These are payment reminders which necessitates us to give them list of unpaid invoices.

I have cobbled up a macro which is close enough of doing this, and it works perfectly fine when i run it for single sequence. But falters terribly when i run it in loop. It copy pastes different invoices for different customers and sometimes it pastes the excel range above the opening/greeting line.

Am quite confused. I tried using the Ron de Bruin codes but not able to run it with the added function.

Let me know if i have not put up my question clearly or if i should have searched this site for an already available answer.

Thanks in advance. P.s (Attaching my code)

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