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Moving Data from one excel 2016 worksheet to a excel 2010 worksheet

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    Moving Data from one excel 2016 worksheet to a excel 2010 worksheet

    Hi hope you can help. i have 2 excel spreadsheets one in excel 2016 for home use and one a 2010 version as a work copy. i keep records of my medical condition and have the information as a table as i have pivot tables and charts to populate my dashboard. The image on the left is the 2016 version and i enter data in rows A-J when i am at home and the update macro updates my dashboard, and use the right hand version when i am at work.
    What i would like to do is update both sheets automatically but as you can imagine if i enter data in the next row it will be Jun 15 1Breakfast the my medical data. i then press the update macro which updates the 2016 version. when i go to work i would then enter the data in the 2010 version for my lunch, afternoon etc. is there a way to update both spreadsheets automatically.
    Thanks in advance.
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