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Userform instant result show

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    Userform instant result show

    Hey dear community,

    i have userform where users enter data on textbox and click on commandbutton ( OK ) and based on that data, formulas calculating results to Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7
    and on the same userform result showing as label, but after entering data it is not showing result instantly i need to click on labels to show new result. Can anybody help me to solve that problem?

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    Re: Userform instant result show

    Hello Akbarov,

    True Labels are static. They do not update automatically. Your main macro code needs to update them after the worksheet cells have updated.

    If the Labels are updating when you Click them then you must have code in each of the Label Click events. It would help to see all of code. Posting your workbook would be the best option, if you can.

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