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Getting Data of cell and sort it by date

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    Getting Data of cell and sort it by date


    Since a few days im trying to get data from my PLC. I fixed to get 1 data unit from the plc and place it in a cell (A1). Ive got this working with the programm UniDDE. This is a connection between the PC(excel) and the PLC.

    Now when there is a new incomming data the last data will be forgotten and overwrited in the same cell (A1). I wanna use all the incomming data for later, so i need to log those incomming data. How can i make something in excel that catches the data from lets say A1 and make a list in the collumn B with all the data horizontal. To tell you a little bit about the project i will write the steps beneath:

    The Project:

    - In the project every data of "MI 1" has to be added in the Microsoft excel cell A1 ( this is working).
    - Al the changes in A1 has to be stored in a vertical column by date.

    Is there anyone who can help me out with this problem?

    Much thanks!

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    Re: Getting Data of cell and sort it by date

    Your post does not comply with Rule 8 of our Forum RULES. Do not cross-post your question on multiple forums without telling us about your threads on other forums.

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    Cross-posting is when you post the same question in other forums on the web. The last thing you want to do is waste people's time working on an issue you have already resolved elsewhere. We prefer that you not cross-post at all, but if you do (and it's unlikely to go unnoticed), you MUST provide a link (copy the url from the address bar in your browser) to the cross-post.

    Expect cross-posted questions without a link to be closed and a message will be posted by the moderator explaining why. We are here to help so help us to help you!

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    No further help to be offered, please, until the OP has complied with this request.

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