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creat the new Macro for TextBox

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    creat the new Macro for TextBox

    Hello everyone,

    Just couple explaination of the process of my UserForm :

    For increase the value in the excel cellule for the line B to BL, you need to choice the Number players with CommandButton and one Setter with the OptionButton, and after you put the vallue in the TextBox.

    My problem is :

    I would like to creat the new Macro for my Userform, for use the TextBox 22,23,24,25. This nex Texbox will increase the value in to the line BM to PB.

    But I dont want the textbox 22,23,24,25 walk with the optionButton, just walk with the CommandButton players select.

    I dont know if it's clear, my english is probably so bad (Iam French), first time for me I post something in English...

    I hope you will be enought fair with me.

    Thank you fot your help.

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    Re: creat the new Macro for TextBox

    Bonjour Bardeuf,

    Your explanation, as you already mentioned, is not that clear.
    Maybe you need to close this thread and open another one in the NON-English section of this forum.
    There are some members who speak/understand french.
    Even a little help can be a big help !!
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