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How can I skip a .PivotItem if it doesn't exist?

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    How can I skip a .PivotItem if it doesn't exist?

    here are the two macros. One inserts the dates into the spreadsheet, the other references those cells to filter to pivot by. However, I always error out when there was a holiday the previous week because there was no work done on that day. I need the second macro to just skip that .PivotItem if it doesn't exist. Is there a way to say, if none then skip?

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    Re: How can I skip a .PivotItem if it doesn't exist?

    Avoid the problem altogether and skip the VBA.

    First of all, convert your data to an Excel Table. Tables know how big they are an expand automatically, so formulas, charts and pivot tables that reference them always use the right amount of data. Also you can use the headers in formulas and VB code which makes them easier to understand. And finally, Excel tables copy down formulas, formats and validations automatically every time a row is added.

    In the attached I have two helper cells in Q1 and Q2. I named them Week_End and Week_Begin respectively.

    Then I put a helper column on the table with the formula: =AND([@[Date Reviewed]]>=Week_Beign,[@[Date Reviewed]]<=Week_End) - this is true if Date Reviewed is within the last week.

    Now you can use the Use Date header as a filter on the pivot table.


    To answer the more generic question. Use a COUNTIF against what you want to set. If it is zero there is not data for that value. If it is greater than zero, then it has data and can be used as a pivot table filter.
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