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Inventory Sheets

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    Inventory Sheets

    I am a newbie here and with vba. If anyone could give some guidance, I would be very appreciative. I am looking to create and Excel file with 3 sheets, Check-In, Check-Out, and Master List. Check-In and Check-Out would be where new items are logged in or out. Once an item is logged in, I want it to auto-populate in the Master List sheet as well as summed if it is an item type that has been previously received. When an item is checked-out I want it to be subtracted from the Master List. If there is no item to check out, or if it is getting low, to spit out a warning.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Inventory Sheets

    unless you have a large number of skus to deal with, you are better served to just do inbound and outbound on the same sheet and have the summary on other sheet
    then have running total without the need of VBA
    attached a very simple version of this

    The warning system can quite easy to implement, becomes rather complex if you have to deal with Maximum/Minimum inventory and lead times to deal with
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