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Daily Reconciliation VBA

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    Daily Reconciliation VBA


    I am reconciling two sets of transactions in Sheet 1 and Sheet 2. And I wanted to be able to transfer those transactions that do not match to a new sheet.
    I need to match two columns in Sheet 1 and Sheet 2, one is the reference # and the other one is the transaction type.
    The columns in Sheet 1 are C and F and in Sheet 2 it's columns K and S.
    If everything matches, a message box will pop up and if there are non-matching transactions, it will create a Sheet 3 with the transactions from Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 that do not match.
    I have been reading in this forum for quite some time, but can't find a vba that matches what I need.



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    Re: Daily Reconciliation VBA

    When you say "match two columns", do you mean that the values in columns C and F have to match the values in columns K and S. In other words, both values have to match not just one. Is this correct? Do you want to add the values from Sheet1 that don't match the values in Sheet2? Do you also want to add the values from Sheet2 that don't match the values from Sheet1"? It would help to test possible solutions if you could attach a copy of your file. De-sensitize the data if necessary.
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