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move certain rows right one column at specified place

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    move certain rows right one column at specified place

    I have a worksheet that has 10 columns of data, and 2000 rows. For some of the rows, there was no entry for the fifth column so that column 5 now has the data meant for column 6 and column 6 has the data for column 7, etc.. In other words, beginning with column 5 everything in the row has shifted to the left by one column. This only occurs in some of the 2000 rows. It can easily be detected because the data in column 6 always begins with a 'D', so when that occurs in column 5 it shows that need to shift all the columns of that row beyond the fourth column to the right by one column and have column 5 be an empty cell for that row.

    I can manually sort so all the affected columns are on top, and then select and manually insert in order to shift one column, but we will likely be getting data similar to this in the future and a VBA script that would automatically fix this would be ideal.
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    Re: move certain rows right one column at specified place

    Could you attach a copy of your file so we can visualize how your data is organized? De-sensitize the data if necessary.
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