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Function, if calculation otherwise null

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    Function, if calculation otherwise null

    My workbook is able to change values in the textboxes and write them into the cells of a excel datasheet. There are three textboxes that have values in there and one that takes the mean of these 3 others. However there are two problems. When I leave on of the text boxes T_01, T_02, T_03 empty it should ignore these values for the average. And secondly if I type an uneven value into my text box then it does not take this values into account neither. I have uploaded an example file. To get to my problem open the userform and pick the first line in the text box. After changing the values in the text boxes press "aktualisieren"


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    Re: Function, if calculation otherwise null

    1. there was no userform upon opening nor text box. 2. no "aktualisieren". I attempted to use the following formula in G5
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    . this seemed to work for me. I tried with empty cell d5, it worked. I copied formula down. It worked.

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