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Return False or True with condition

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    Return False or True with condition

    Hi im new in this Forum, Hello for all

    I have a list of I to IIII in cell A1 is class
    and for each number from I to IIII receives true or false in the table

    I want IF I put it for example from the list "I" and in the table "I" receives "False" so in cell C2 "Not validated" and if true in cell C2 "Valid"
    the some for each number of the list

    thank you
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    Re: Return False or True with condition

    welcome to the forum

    For future reference, please take a moment to read the forum rules and use thread titles that are descriptive of your problem - not what you think the answer might be. (think google search terms?).

    Many members search our previous posts, and thread titles play a big part of the search. I doubt anybody would do a search based on your title?

    I changed it for you this time as you are a new member

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