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VBA to skip formula if criteria doesn't match

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    VBA to skip formula if criteria doesn't match

    I been trying to find a way to somehow skip formula. I have sheet one which has option to select different buildings and only building 1 have manpower number. Sheet two is suppose to let others fill-in number of manpower for Building 2 as needed in column B -Sheet 2. BUT populate Building 1 manpower from sheet 1- if building 1 is selected in sheet 1. I tried conditional formatting using if formula but it doesn't bring me result. I don't know any other way. Can someone help to either write a Macro? I don't want to put formula in Sheet 2-column B because anyone beside building 1 have to manually add number of employees. MUCH MUCH Appreciated. See attachment.
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    Re: VBA to skip formula if criteria doesn't match

    I haven't looked at your file but the first thing is or you have a formula in a cell or you don't you can't have both
    I have no idea what you're trying to achieve but if you want the users to enter a value then you should always use another cell
    In the cell with the formula you van add an If condition to check if the user cell is not empty and the input is valid .
    Validating a cell entry can be used using the data validation rules.
    Conditional format doe not process anything, it just modifies how the content shows up according to your given rules.
    You can protect the cells containing formulas to avoid altering by accident
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